10 Things to do in a Shed

Finding unique uses for Garden Sheds seems to be quite on trend! Recently, we have seen several publications about this topic, the most popular of which have been, "101 Things to do in a Shed" by Rob Beattie. "The Joy of Sheds; Because a Man's Place isn't in the Home" by Frank Hopkinson, "Men and Sheds" by Gordon Thorburn and even "Fifty Sheds of Grey," by C T Grey.

Although these books tend to be heavily biased towards men and their associations with the garden shed, here at Crane Garden Buildings we have compiled our own Top 10, based on some real life uses of the Great Garden Shed and also a couple of whimsical uses, that we would love to see happen!

We have an Online Garden Building Design tool which allows you to design and tailor the size, features, interior and exterior of your garden building to your exact specification. It will provide an immediate quote, which you can revise as often as you choose. We have a wide range of high-quality sheds or if you are looking for something a bit different, perhaps a Garden Studio or a Garden Room may be more to your choosing?

1. A Library

Library image

A garden shed, preferably lined and insulated and with shelves from floor to ceiling would be the perfect home for your own personal library. Somewhere quiet and undisturbed to read to your heart's content, while enjoying beautiful garden views. Add a comfy chair or beanbag and a reading lamp to enjoy hours and hours of pleasure.

2. Country Pursuits

vintage fishing tackle

We love seeing what uses our Garden Sheds have been put to after they've been installed. One of our favourites is a den dedicated to country pursuits. Our customer, Mr Jackson can be quoted as saying "all the mess has gone from the house, which means a happy wife and I can dedicate time and space to our family hobby." In their den, they keep hiking gear, fishing tackle, orienteering and climbing equipment. They also keep some basic horse riding equipment and so it also takes the form of a tack room. This is all expensive equipment and so security was a number one priority for the Jackson family, therefore they chose to include one of our Security Packs, which includes a heavy duty sliding bolt and 7 level lock, and security screws. 

3. Pets

Pet rabbit

A good quality shed can make the ideal pet sanctuary. If you are out at work during most of the day and need somewhere safe, secure and well-ventilated for your dogs, our garden sheds could provide the perfect doggy play area. Garden Sheds, Summerhouses , and Garden Offices are also great for longer-term habitation, such as for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, birds, etc. The benefits are that your pets have their own quiet, safe and weatherproof space, safe from predators, while still being easily accessible for you and your children, but you don't have the smell or mess in your house - perfect!

4. Dancing

Ballet practise

Love to dance but worry about upsetting the neighbours? A dance studio shed tucked away at the bottom of your garden could be just what you need. For this use the quality of the shed is of the utmost importance. We would particularly recommend getting heavy-duty flooring, especially if your passion is tap! What a treat, somewhere private, where you can get your groove on either on your own or with friends without bothering anyone. Any style, any music, any time! Before you know it your shed is the envy of all and a great space to have a party!

5. Music Room
Musical Instruments close up

We have had many customers purchase sheds to be used as music rooms. They can, of course, be soundproofed (meaning no more grumpy neighbours) and used to play any number of instruments and also used for singing. Pianos, cellos, drums all take a lot of room and can be very heavy depending on the size and quality. Therefore along with soundproofing we would also suggest a heavy duty flooring option. As any musician will know, beautiful instruments do not come cheap, for this reason, we would always recommend the additional security pack for those using their shed to keep instruments in. (image credit: musicoomph.com)

6. Smokehouse

Hanging fish in smokehouse

We have made many sheds for many different purposes over the years. We have even supplied an ice cream parlour to a local pub close to the North Norfolk coast. A smokehouse shed combines our two great loves, food and sheds! Smokehouse sheds are simple, low cost and highly efficient. If you are a keen fisherman, cook or indeed a chef looking for a niche flavour, then smoking your own catch or ingredients can be both tasty and cost-effective.

7. Teenage Hangout

Teens taking selfie

The teenage years are notoriously challenging and many teenagers can be difficult to live with for many different reasons, not least because their social calendars are so full and important that you may soon find yourself with not one, but a whole heard of grumpy teenagers slouching around your house. Our sheds have served as many a teenage den and indeed recently one of our customers told us that when he and his son clashed his son simply moved into the shed for some personal space. According to our customer, the shed was such high quality and so comfortable that his son loved living in it so much, that he didn't want to go back to the house! This shows the value and benefits of personal space for families. Obviously, we would never suggest living in a shed of any sort, but a proper teenage den for them to spend time with friends in, without disturbing the rest of the family, can provide some much needed personal space! It may be that for this purpose a garden room would be more suitable.

8. Garden Shed games

chess game

Picture a circle of friends that meet once a week or more for cards, bridge, chess, monopoly and more in a cosy, cabin-like environment. The wooden interior of one of our garden sheds will add a warm welcoming atmosphere. You can relax with a bottle of your favourite tipple and enjoy some good company with the added bonus of getting out of the house. Games, cards and tools can be purchased easily online from Amazon.

9. A Little Marrakech

Moroccan lanterns

Use cushions, throws and wall hangings to create a Moroccan cafe feel. A relaxing environment to do absolutely nothing but relax, perhaps through meditation or even a spot of yoga. Why not learn to cook Moroccan food to eat too? BBC good food has some recipe ideas to try out. This kind of shed would have no purpose except to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul (even if that means a cheeky glass of wine away from the kids!).

10. A Bar/Pub

Bar in British Pub

Optics, mood lighting, pool, darts, high stools, comfy sofas? In your own personal bar/pub the choice is yours. You can create your own little world to escape and relax in not to mention that with your own personal bar/pub you'll be the most popular shed owner in town! The best part? No more of those dreaded walks or taxis home and no one will have to sacrifice their night for the role of the designated driver! Take a look at our Pinterest board for some decorating ideas!

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