Thornham Summerhouse 2.4m x 3.0m (352183)

Sunningdale's 2.4 x 3.0m Thornham Summerhouse Painted in Saltwater
2.4 x 3.0m Thornham Summerhouse Painted in Saltwater at Sunningdale
Sunningdale's Interior 2.4 x 3.0m Thornham Summerhouse Painted in Saltwater
2.4 x 3.0m Thornham Summerhouse at Sunningdale Painted in Saltwater
Thornham Summerhouse: Front
Thornham Summerhouse: Left Side
Thornham Summerhouse: Back
Thornham Summerhouse: Right Side
Thornham Summerhouse: Floorplan

Model: Thornham Summerhouse

Size: 2.4m x 3.0m (8ft x 10ft)


This pent roof summerhouse is our Thornham. Measuring 2.4 x 3.0m with an attractive roof overhang, it has a set of double doors and two fixed windows in the front of the building, and a double opening window set in each side. The exterior is clad in smooth shiplap and painted in the colour Saltwater from our Exterior Paint System. 

Internally, this lovely summerhouse is unlined, making it the ideal building to enjoy your garden from during the summer months. A natural lacquer has been applied to the floor, which will help to protect the timber while also giving it a nice sheen.

Our buildings are designed to order, so while this Thornham has been painted, it is available in our Light Oak preservative, and it is also available with lining, insulation, double glazing and electrics, if you are looking for more of a year-round use building.

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Basic Building Details
Roof Type: Pent
Building Size: 2.4m x 3.0m : 8ft x 10 ft
Roof Overhang: Yes
Doors: 2
Window Sets: 6
Opening Windows: 2
Roofing Materials: Heavy Duty Felt
Exterior Design
Cladding: Shiplap
Paint System: Exterior Paint System Sage

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