Langham Studio 4.2m x 7.2m (302392)

Langham Studio - Burford Sales Office
Langham Studio: Front
Langham Studio: Left Side
Langham Studio: Back
Langham Studio: Right Side
Langham Studio: Floorplan

Model: Langham Studio

Size: 4.2m x 7.2m (14ft x 24ft)

Paint:Exterior Paint System Pebble


This large Langham Studio is the sales office for our Burford Show Centre - it is set up on the inside with a desk, as well as some comfortable seating for our customers, and a storage partition, which has all of the office supplies inside.

This is a good building to look around to get a feel for how our buildings can be used all year round.

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Basic Building Details
Roof Type: Apex
Building Size: 4.2m x 7.2m : 14ft x 24 ft
Partitions: 1
Doors: 2
Window Sets: 5
Opening Windows: 3
Double Glazing: Yes
Interior Options
Lining System: Painted Matchboard Internal Lining
Floor Insulation: Yes
Roofing Materials: Cedar Shingles
Exterior Design
Cladding: Weatherboard
Paint System: Exterior Paint System Pebble

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