Garage 3.6m x 6.0m (316017)

3.6 x 6.0m Timber Garage
Timber Garage Inside
Timber Garage with a Workbench
Garage: Front
Garage: Left Side
Garage: Back
Garage: Right Side
Garage: Floorplan

Model: Garage

Size: 3.6m x 6.0m (12ft x 20ft)

Paint:Valtti Paint System Black


Traditionally used as a sheltered place to put your car in, garages are now being used more and more for other purposes, such as for other storage (e.g for your garden), or as workshops.

Whatever you want to use your garage for, please note that our garages come without a floor to enable you to store heavy items inside, and you can also have a metal up and over door if you wish.

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Basic Building Details
Roof Type: Apex
Building Size: 3.6m x 6.0m : 12ft x 20ft
Doors: 2
Window Sets: 3
Opening Windows: 3
Work Bench
Work Benches: Yes
Roofing Materials: Heavy Duty Felt
Exterior Design
Cladding: Weatherboard
Paint System: Valtti Paint System Black
Security Pack: Yes

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