Burnham Studio 3.0m x 4.2m (333618)

Exterior of Narford 3.0 x 4.2m Burnham Studio
Narford 3.0 x 4.2m Burnham Studio
Interior of Narford 3.0 x 4.2m Burnham Studio
Inside the Narford 3.0 x 4.2m Burnham Studio
Burnham Studio: Front
Burnham Studio: Left Side
Burnham Studio: Back
Burnham Studio: Right Side
Burnham Studio: Floorplan

Model: Burnham Studio

Size: 3.0m x 4.2m (10ft x 14ft)


Do you need a space away from the distractions of daily life? Or perhaps you need a home for your hobby? Whether you need a somewhere you can stay focused and work or a place to relax and enjoy family time, this Burnham Studio, currently on display at our Norfolk show site, is ideal. It measures 3.0 x 4.2m and comes complete with full internal lining, insulation and double glazing, meaning this building will be perfect for year-round use.

It has an apex roof and is fitted with a fully glazed front elevation which will allow for plenty of natural light inside the building. Inside, the walls are lined by Ivory painted matchboard and a natural lacquer has been applied to the floor. The finishing touches to this building are the grey slate effect tiles on the roof and the Pebble painted exterior shiplap cladding, which complement each other beautifully.

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Basic Building Details
Roof Type: Apex
Building Size: 3.0m x 4.2m : 10ft x 14 ft
Doors: 2
Window Sets: 10
Opening Windows: 2
Double Glazing: Yes
Interior Options
Lining System: Painted Matchboard Internal Lining
Floor Insulation: Yes
Roofing Materials: Grey Slate Composite Tiles
Exterior Design
Cladding: Shiplap
Paint System: Exterior Paint System Pebble

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