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Your Garden Studio - Your Choice

By Aaron Clarke - 20th July 2011

Crane Sheds and Summerhouses have a range of Garden Studios available; however, our tailored service allows you to have the Garden Studio you have always dreamed of.

You can even choose the type of roof covering you would like, ensuring all aspects of your garden building are produced to your exact requirements.

Having the option of selecting your roof covering, gives you the opportunity to enhance your garden whilst increasing the life span of your Garden Studio.

We have a selection of roof coverings available:

Cedar Shingles:

Our composite slates are individually laid by our experienced craftsman to the highest standards, to ensure your roof will last for the next 35 years. Only the best quality Canadian Blue Label Shingles are used to compliment your Garden Studio.

Slate Effect:

We are confident that the Slate Effect will offer long-lasting protection for your Garden Studio and offer a 50-year limited warranty against all weathers including UV rays, hail, wind and fire. You can even choose a colour to correspond with your paint shades; if you are looking for a more traditional finish, then a traditional grey colour would be an excellent choice, however, if you have lighter paint shades, terracotta is recommended to complement your Garden Studio.

Crane Sheds and Summerhouses also have a selection of Garden Offices, Garden Sheds and Timber Garages available which can also be made to suit your requirements. Contact us on 01553 617124 to learn more.