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Which Garden Studio is for you?

By Aaron Clarke - 17th May 2011

Crane Sheds and Summerhouses produce a high-quality range of Garden Studios, hosting a range of different styles to suit a selection of tastes, but which one is for you?

Binham Garden Studio

- Traditional design - pitched roof with attractive roof overhang and door in gable end

- Plenty of ventilation due to the many opening windows

- Attractive studio suitable for all year round use with insulation and high-grade lining.

Salthouse Garden Studio

- Contemporary design - The flat roof portrays a modern flair

- Fully glazed walls optimise all aspects of light, whatever the season

- Excellent insulation creates an ideal environment for use as an office, studio or even gym.

Burnham Garden Studio

- Traditional design - A pitched roof adds additional height.

- Complete double glazed walls enhance this workspace/hobby room with a constant flow of light. A blend of timber and glass complements this style.

- Fitted air vents to the rear and excellent insulation cater for all seasons.

Langham Garden Studio

- Traditional design - Suitable for office or studio with 1/4 length windows and glazing of the door.

- Maximum airflow is achieved with the option of opening windows and includes an opening catch.

- Suitable for all year round use, whether you need additional space for a hobby or work.

Crane Sheds and Summerhouses also offer a selection of other expertly crafted buildings which include Garden Sheds, Garages, Garden Offices, Summerhouses & Garden Rooms. There is something for everyone!