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Victoria Greenhouse Collection

By Aaron Clarke - 19th June 2014

We are delighted to introduce our brand new line of Victoria Greenhouses to our ever-expanding range of high-quality garden buildings.

Give young fruits, vegetables or more exotic plants the opportunity to thrive by using a greenhouse, which not only provides a micro-climate but which looks elegant and blends effortlessly into your garden.

Generously designed in four sizes (from 6’ x 8’ to 10’ x 12’) with a steep roof pitch, there is plenty of room for your vines, seedlings, fruits, vegetables, and much more.

The Victorians popularised the greenhouse after taxation on glass was lifted and exhibition greenhouses, such as the iconic Palm House at Kew Gardens, allowed well-heeled Victorians to indulge their passion and spend increasing amounts of leisure time among exotic and tropical plants.

Named in recognition of the Victorian era passion, each of our greenhouses is constructed from sustainably-sourced timber and feature toughened glass with opening vents and mortice lock and are coated in your choice of paint from our exterior paint system, which provides maximum durability and protection from the elements.

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