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The Beast from the East in Norfolk

By Sarah Rumbles - 5th March 2018

So, we saw a lot of snowfall in Norfolk, and across the country, last week!

While it was initially exciting, filling everyone with a childlike wonder at seeing the snow settle, it soon became a nuisance for us and most of the rest of the country, with several of us not being able to make it into the office, and by Wednesday our installation teams were being recalled due to dangerous conditions.

The snow is mostly gone from our roads now thankfully and normal service has been resumed at Crane, but we thought you may want to see some of the snowy photographs that were taken of our head office in Norfolk at the beginning of last week. There were icicles and snow flurries in abundance! 

Icicles on Sheds     Snowy Showsite    Snow Showsite    Snow Crane Driveway     Beast From East