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Summerhouse Donated to Marine and Wildlife Rescue

By Aaron Clarke - 24th September 2018

Donated Blakeney

One of our beautiful Blakeney summerhouses was lucky enough to be given a second home after a storm left it damaged earlier this year. Luckily, our customer’s insurance meant getting a replacement wasn’t a problem, and they were kind enough to allow us to donate their original summerhouse to the Marine and Wildlife Rescue based in Great Yarmouth.

Crane repaired and transported the original summerhouse to its new home, where it has since been used for the rescue and rehabilitation of various birds and wildlife, including an interesting case involving a Corncrake which fell onto a passer-by’s head in Great Yarmouth. The Corncrake is an incredibly elusive species that visits during summer and migrates to Africa for winter, usually hiding in tall vegetation and sadly, is on the red list of birds with a high conservation concern. The Corncrake was collected by Dan Goldsmith, the chairman of Marine and Wildlife Rescue, before being transferred to Pensthorpe Natural Park where it is hoped the bird will be released. 

Corncrake Rescue

Another recent rescue successfully undertaken by the charity involved a Sparrowhawk that had ended up trapped in the rafters of a factory but was well enough to be immediately released after being retrieved. 

Sparrowhawk Rescue

If you would like to find out more about the Marine and Wildlife Rescue or would like to make a charitable donation towards their efforts, you can find out how to do so online at their webpage. If this article has inspired you to purchase your own garden building so that you can enjoy the surrounding wildlife, pay us a visit at our Narford showsite, Norfolk, where we have a range of buildings on display and a team of friendly advisors waiting to assist you.