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Show centre Greenhouse Competition

By Rosie Floyd - 22nd September 2021

Earlier this year, our show centres were set a competition to see who could grow the most impressive kitchen garden and plants inside their Greenhouses over the summer months.

Our sales advisors lovingly cared for their seedlings by making sure they were watered every day and getting enough sunlight. They were also able to ensure their Greenhouses maintained a constant temperature, with the help of the automatically opening vents in the roof. Our Greenhouses come with two vents installed on either side of the roof, and they are temperature controlled which means they will automatically open when it gets too warm inside your Greenhouse.

It was a close-run contest, but now that summer is over, we are pleased to announce that Newbury is our winning show centre, followed by Cranleigh in 2nd, and Nottingham in 3rd.

Our Newbury show centre grew an impressive display that was full of colour. It included Thunbergia, Bougainvillea & Paulownia Tomentosa trees, a selection of herbs, and Tornado chilies.

Nasturtium & Horse Radish inside Newbury's Greenhouse

Cranleigh’s display started off being themed around cocktails by growing strawberries, thyme, and mint. They soon caught the greenhouse bug and moved on to growing a wide selection of fruit and vegetables, including microgreens such as broccoli and peas, peppers, and cherry tomatoes.

Cranleigh's herb and pepper collection

Nottingham also enjoyed a cocktail theme by growing a range of herbs, strawberries, and lemons, which are all ingredients that can be enjoyed in a refreshing glass of Pimms. They also grew grapes, figs and pineapple.

Nottingham's impressive Pimms-themed display

We have to also give a special mention to our Sevenoaks show centre who won 'the most unique fruit or veg award' with this most unusual-looking Aubergine!

Sevenoaks' unusual looking Aubergine

As you can see from the photos, our show centres used the slatted workbenches inside their Greenhouse to grow plants on top and underneath, making the most of all the space they had available. Our Greenhouses come without a workbench as standard, but you can choose to have one or two workbenches installed depending on your needs.

By paying a visit to one of our UK show centres, you will be able to take a look at their impressive Greenhouse displays. We have locations all across the UK where we display a wide range of garden buildings including Garden Sheds, Summerhouses, Garden Offices and Garden Rooms. You can find out which of our show centres is nearest to you on our interactive map.

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