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Our Timber is FSC certified

By Adam Meyna - 6th March 2014

Here at Crane Sheds and Summerhouses, environmental concern is a top priority. Our high quality Garden Sheds and Summerhouses are made from FSC timber, but what does that actually mean? - We source our timber from a partner timber mill in North Sweden which is also Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accredited, like ourselves. This means the forest is well managed and harvested in a sustainable way and as the desired sized tree is felled, a replacement tree is planted. - Scots Pine (Pinus Silvestris) is used to make our Garden Sheds, Workshops, Summerhouses, Garden Rooms, Timber Garages, Offices and Studios. This species of tree, is slowly grown (often for more than 130 years!) producing a denser, higher quality close grain timber. This method of slow growth also helps deter dead knots. - Every individual timber cut can be traced back to the forest it was grown in, as The Timber Measuring Association for the Northern Area of Sweden (VMF) perform a delivery inspection and mark the timber with the supplier's identification number after the tree has been cut. BM TRADA audits Crane Sheds and Summerhouses for Chain of Custody which ensures our timber is traceable to well managed sustainable forests. - Using wood, rather than concrete or steel, is also a step in the right direction, as this renewable resource helps remove carbon from the atmosphere as trees utilise this for growth and thus helping tackle climate change.