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Our new website is live!

By Sarah Rumbles - 22nd July 2015

Good news! Our shiny new website that has been in production for several months now has gone live today, and we’re all very excited.

You may have noticed, if you’ve been on our homepage over the past month or so, that it is different to the styling of the rest of our website … well, that was the beginning of us setting up the new site, and this is the style our whole website is now in.

Everything is pretty much set up as it was before: all the same pages and information is still there, only now we have a more up-to-date design and, even more excitingly, the whole website is now mobile-friendly. This basically means that whatever platform you are viewing our website on, whether that is on the traditional desktop, or even a mobile or tablet, the website will morph to fit onto whatever size screen you are using. This is great for usability and means that you aren’t forever having to zoom in or out when browsing our site.

You will still find a breakdown of our range of garden buildings on the homepage, along with our blog and latest news, our photo galleries and lots of helpful information, and then navigation through the site should be a breeze from there on in.

If you have any queries about the site or are having issues finding something, please do give us a ring (01760 444229) and one of our helpful team will be able to help you find what you need.

We hope you like it!