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New Planning Permission Calculator Ready to Use

By Sarah Rumbles - 23rd February 2016

We have spent several months creating a user-friendly, helpful tool that will easily determine whether our customers will need planning permission for their garden buildings or not, and we’re very pleased to announce that this how now gone live on our website!

You can find the calculator in the existing planning permission article, so as well as an informative article on the subject of planning, you can now use this tool, which asks you a series of questions to quickly determine whether you will need planning permission or not.

We have based our questions on the information provided by the Planning Portal, the government authority on planning permission, so the calculator is our best interpretation of their rules.

If you have any uncertainty at all after using the calculator, please either give us a call on 01760 444229 and our helpful team will be able to help clarify your situation for you, or you can contact your local planning authority to see what advice they can give you.