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New Building Additions at Crane Norfolk HQ

By Sarah Rumbles - 14th July 2017

We have two very nice new additions to our Norfolk Show Centre: a 3.6 x 3.6m Weybourne Summerhouse, and a 3.0 x 4.2m Burnham Studio.

Burnham Garden Studio

These are two very different buildings in style, with the Weybourne being a traditionally styled corner summerhouse with Georgian windows and weatherboard cladding, and the Burnham being more modern in style with full-length glass windows and doors.

Although different in design, these two have very similar colour schemes, with the Burnham showcasing our Valtti paint system, and the Weybourne showcasing one of the colours from Farrow & Ball’s paint range.

Both buildings show off something different in our range, so whether you’re looking for something traditional, or more modern, these are great examples to look at.

Weybourne Summerhouse

These aren’t the only buildings on display at our head office though, there are 32 in total, giving you an array of Summerhouses, Sheds, Studios and Garden Rooms to draw inspiration from for your own garden building.

If you’re not local to Norfolk, we also have several other show centres across the country for you to visit, or alternatively, if you want more information on our buildings, you can always call us on 01760 444229 or send us an online enquiry to ask us any questions you have.