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National Trust Offer Spring Exploration Ideas

By Sarah Rumbles - 7th March 2017

With spring now officially here, the days are drawing out further and further, and we’re starting to hear birds in the morning again, singing their dawn chorus.Bunch of daffodils | Crane Garden Buildings

With that in mind, the National Trust have put together some ideas for us to make the most of this season, with places to visit to hear bees buzzing, to see bluebells and daffodils brightening up the countryside with their distinctive colours, to taste some yummy spring goodies cooked up with spring ingredients in National Trust cafes and restaurants, or to see cute spring animals, like hares and lambs frolicking about in the fields.

As well as seeing all of these lovely signs of spring, you can also find out from the National Trust the best walks to take in the spring, and the gardens to visit to see the best of the blossoming flowers.

White Lamb | Crane Garden Buildings

If the sunshine, longer days and emerging colours have inspired you to get out in nature again, the National Trust have got you covered.