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Helping Our Community

By Sarah Rumbles - 9th April 2020

As you all know, Crane has temporarily closed its factory and sales sites amid the Government lockdown, and in a bid to protect its employees from the Coronavirus.

With no installation teams on the road, we have 10 vans not being used during this period, so our company partners decided to contact Voluntary Norfolk after seeing a request for support. They were thrilled with the offer, so we are now helping as and when they require with collections and deliveries of food and supplies to help the most vulnerable within the district.

We are lucky to be able to put our vans to good use while our factory is closed. If you are in Norfolk and have been wondering how you can help, Voluntary Norfolk is seeking support.

We also know that during the shutdown several of our employees have signed up to be NHS volunteers, which is wonderful. Whether you are actively volunteering to help those more vulnerable than yourselves in this period, or you are helping a neighbour or a (local) relative who needs assistance, you are amazing people.

While we will all be glad when our lives go back to normal, it is nice to see and hear how the community is coming together to support each other.

For more information on how Crane is tackling the lockdown, please read this article

Hopefully we will see you soon, but in the meantime, take care and stay well. 

Voluntary Norfolk's plea for support