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Garden Studios | Garden Rooms On the up

By Aaron Clarke - 3rd April 2013

We have noticed that increasing numbers of people are buying and working in our Garden Studios or Garden Rooms.

According to the BBC: "The economic crisis may have halted building schemes across the country, but it appears to have triggered a rather different sort of construction boom in our back gardens. Increasingly it is women who are embracing a life working in sheds, or as they are now often called garden offices."

If you are moving house or need extra space, or just downsizing to a smaller property, a garden studio/office is a gold-plated asset for any homeowner.

Most of our garden buildings are designed so as not to require planning permission, but why not use our interactive Planning Permission Calculator or read our related Planning Permission article to find out more information.

Apart from providing a quiet place to work away from the children or a boisterous family, it can be used as a dedicated office by professional homeworkers or as a base for a home business. The setup has many advantages as a work environment: no travel to and from work, a peaceful environment, and the use of the house wi-fi network to get connected. If the structure is designed well it will be a pleasant place to work all year round.

A garden studio/ garden office could also rid the house of bulky office equipment, files and stored material while freeing up a room for other purposes. The studio should be large enough to accommodate a computer and desk, filing cabinets and allow for some comfortable seating for clients, visitors or just for relaxing. Another option is to integrate a decking area for a spot of sun-bathing on summer days.

If the building is of strong design, it can also be used to put up guests for the night. Pay some attention to the windows. A studio situated under a large tree, or surrounded by dense foliage, could need artificial lighting all day.

A good aspect with large, well-positioned windows will make it a satisfying place to work. More good news is that planning permission is not needed for a garden office in the UK if it does not exceed four metres in height, for a pitched roof, and is at least two metres from the main property. And it shouldn't cover more than half of the garden area. Everyone will have their own reasons to incorporate a garden studio in their property. The one that will be common to all is that it will increase the value of their house.

Design your own garden office or garden studio in our online garden building planner tool. Alternatively, why not contact us or call us directly on 01760 444229 and talk to one of our friendly team who are more than happy to help you.