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Garden Building Plans Available to View

By Aaron Clarke - 29th January 2015

If you’re considering installing a garden building, but looking for inspiration of what options there are and how it may look, we have made our garden building plans available for you to view.

They are the plans of actual built and installed buildings and detail the size, layout, door, window and any other specific features that have been added during the construction process. These can include electrical packs, security features, workbenches and more. You can read more about some of the optional features that are available in our article: Shed & Workshop Extras

You have the option to order the same building or, if you’ve drawn inspiration for your own, why not use our online garden building planner tool and design your own garden shed, summerhouse, garden studio, garden room, garden office or timber garage and customise the features to your exact requirements.

You will receive an immediate quote for your building which can be amended if you prefer to change some of the options.

You can view more about how our buildings are made in our short video that takes you behind the scenes at our Norfolk Factory HQ.

Or if you would prefer to talk to one our team to talk through your requirements on an individual basis, please do not hesitate to contact us or call us on 01760 444229