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Festive visitors at Crane HQ

By Rosie Floyd - 9th December 2020

We have had some festive visitors at our HQ recently - two little elves! They have certainly left their mark on our Pavilion Garden Room, just take a look at what they have been up to…

We were rather pleased to see that they have decorated our Pavilion Garden Room to make it ready for the festive activities over the Christmas period. Of course, after they had sprinkled their festive magic, they could not help themselves to be a bit mischievous, so let us see what else they got up to during their visit…

Elves working from home inside a Crane Garden Buildings Garden Office

Even elves have been told to work away from Santa’s workshop where possible this year, so in between decorating our Pavilion Garden Room, our elves have been sneaking away to our Sales office to check their emails from Santa and going over the numbers on their toy target spreadsheet.

If, like our elves, you are looking for an outdoor office, we have a number of garden buildings that are suitable for working from home in our office collection.

Two Elves Playing Snooker in our Salthouse Studio

All work and no play make for very sad elves, so our cheeky pair also decided to spend time in our Salthouse Studio turned games room. They played a game of snooker and took their time to perfect their trick shots.

You can use our Salthouse Studio for a number of different purpose, even a games room, as demonstrated by our elf

Our Salthouse Studio is a modern building that would be ideal for use as a games room, a home office, a gym, a craft room, an extended living space, or a combination of any of these uses! It has a fully glazed front elevation, made using floor-to-ceiling glass panels, that allow plenty of natural light inside.

They also decided to stop off in one of our Superior Sheds to cause some chaos…

Our Elves are having lots of fun in our Superior Shed

One of our lined and insulated Superior Sheds would make a great workshop or potting shed. We can even install one of our solid and sturdy oak faced ply workbenches inside to give you plenty of room to tinker with tools and work on planting.

Our Elf is tending to plants, just like you could in your own Superior Shed turned Potting Shed

Feeling exhausted after all the decorating and games, our little elves rewarded themselves by putting their feet up in our Wiveton Summerhouse. With one of them raising a holiday spirit (or two!) as a reward for all their hard work.

Our Elves enjoying a festive tipple or two inside our Wiveton Summerhouse

The walls and ceiling in our Wiveton Summerhouse come lined and insulated as standard, making it a delightful spot to relax inside while the weather outside is frightful. You can also add floor insulation and double glazing as extra for additional comfort.

These little elves certainly have cheered us up at HQ, and we hope that they have also put a smile on your face too.

If you would like to take a closer look at any of the buildings featured within this news story, please do visit our homepage to see our full range of garden buildings.

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