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Ex Display Sale 2017 Begins

By Sarah Rumbles - 22nd August 2017

All our ex-display buildings have been announced this morning!

They are on the ex-display section of our website for you to look at, and buy if you want.

All of our ex displays have got 20% off their full building price, and we have a range of 20+ Studios, Summerhouses and Garden Rooms for you to consider.

Our ex-display buildings are show buildings from our Burford, Newbury and Sunningdale Show Centres, and while you can buy these ex displays through our website, we would recommend that you go to the correct show centre to view the building you are interested in and make sure you are happy with the condition.

We look after our show buildings extremely well, but it is always a good idea to examine them before you buy them.

If you have any questions about our ex displays, please call us on 01760 444229, or send us an online enquiry and our helpful sales team will be able to answer your questions.