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Ex Display Buildings Sale

By Sarah Rumbles - 1st October 2015

65 of our show buildings from our Narford, Nottingham, Burford and Newbury show centres have been put into our ex-display sale today!

All the ex-display buildings have got 20% off of their original price, and you can find them here on the website.

There is a wide range of our Garden Sheds and Summerhouses in the sale, as well as a selection of Studios, Garden Room, Garden OfficesGarages and  Greenhouses.

All of the buildings are in good condition and have been on display for around six months to a year. Every year we evaluate our show buildings and sell them as ex displays so that we can add new buildings to the sites, giving us the opportunity to keep our sites looking fresh with different buildings.

If you have seen an ex-display building that has taken your fancy, you can either buy the building online by clicking on the ‘Purchase this Building’ button that you will find when you click on any of the ex-display buildings.

Alternatively, you can call us on 01760 444229 to enquire about the building of your choice, or, if you live close to the show centre the building is residing in, you can visit the site to talk to our helpful staff, look at the building, and purchase it while you’re there.