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Bulb Planting Workshops at Hillier Garden Centre Newbury

By Rosie Floyd - 24th September 2019

This October, Hillier Garden Centre, home of our Newbury show site, are hosting a series of bulb planting workshops.

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This is your chance to learn from their experts, who will give you some practical tips to make sure your bulbs are blossoming, and blooming come Springtime.

As part of the session, you will create and plant up two outdoor bulb containers while the workshop guides talk to you about how to get the most out of your planting combinations as well as advice on caring for your bulbs.

Purple potted plants

Hillier know that all of the planting you are going to be doing will be thirsty work, so they have organised a break during the session where you can enjoy a refreshing drink and a delicious cream tea, all included in the price of the session.

You will also be given some bulbs, plants and materials to take home, along with some helpful cards that have information on them about what you are growing and how to look after them.

Red potted plants

The workshops are taking place on the 2nd and 3rd of October from 2pm-4pm, costing £45 per person. There are a maximum of 12 places per workshop so if you want to secure your place, you will need to contact or pop into Hillier Garden Centre Newbury.

While you are visiting Hillier Garden Centre for the bulb planting workshops, we warmly invite you to stop by our Newbury Show Site, where you can take a look at our display buildings and ask any questions you may have to our friendly onsite advisors.