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A Writer's Writing Shed

By Aaron Clarke - 19th October 2013

It is most incredible how so many people have such an innovative and unique imagination in order to enjoy their garden building. After researching sheds belonging to famous people of various time periods, I was inspired to read the story of George Bernard Shaw.

An Irish playwright and a co-founder of the London School of Economics, he found great enjoyment in writing many of his best-known plays in his writing shed. He affectionately named the small shed “London”, so the servants did not have to lie when people called for him, they would simply answer 'He is in London'.

During his writing years, the author had the idea to mount the wooden shed on a revolving mechanism so that as he worked, he could follow the sun throughout the day.

Situated at his former home and now National Trust property, Shaw's Corner, the little revolving shed can still be found at the bottom of the gardens having been restored to its former glory. It is clear to see that such a simple and basic building could inspire and provide a welcome escape for an often besieged playwright and Noble Prize winner.

Although Shaw would not have had one of our garden sheds, our Superior Shed range is our heavier duty building and very suited to hobbies or writing. We have a number of show centres around the county, in Norfolk, Berkshire, Oxford, Nottinghamshire, Surrey and Sussex, each of which have more than 25 different buildings on display for you to view. Why not plan a visit there this weekend? Alternatively, you might like to contact us or call us on 01760 444229 and one of our team will be happy to discuss the options with you.