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Tips & Tools To Make Gardening Easier

Gardening is something that can be enjoyed by everyone and is one of the healthiest hobbies to have; it can be very therapeutic and works wonders if you're looking to keep active. 

We’ve put together some of our favourite tips that you you’ll wish you knew before now.

Top Tips

Use A Measuring Stick – forget the tape measure - a broom handle or small wooden rod with measurements along the handle makes it easier to evenly space plant seedlings.

Stop Mould with Cinnamon – a sprinkling of cinnamon on top of the soil is a fantastic, not to mention chemical-free, way of warding off the growth of fungus. 

Protect Seedlings with Plastic Forks – stick some plastic forks (tines upright) next to each seedling to ward off animals. This will leave seedlings to grow, nibble-free. Alternatively, you might like to consider Greenhouses, which will protect your plants from larger, unwanted pests.

Keep Your Plants Watered While You’re on Holiday – if you haven’t got an obliging neighbour to keep your plants hydrated while you’re away, try running some kitchen paper into the soil, close to the plant. Place the other end of the paper into a container filled with water. The water will soak through the paper, maintaining the moisture in the soil around the plant. Make sure the end of the paper is right at the bottom of the water container. Judge how much water you will need based on the weather and how long you will be away.

CoffeeGive Your Soil a Nutrient Boost – leftover coffee grounds contain nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and magnesium that help promote healthy plant growth. Just like your morning cup of coffee, your plants will also get an extra jolt of energy. 

Favourite Tools

Are you looking to expand on a basic tool collection? We know these tools are a gardener's go-to, and they can work wonders for your gardening routine. 

Water-Breaker – otherwise known as a watering can rose, this special nozzle is designed specifically to provide an aerated water flow. This means that there is no risk of swamping your plants with water. A must-have if you have for young or delicate plants.

Hori Hori – or weeding knife, is a thin, trowel-shaped hand tool. It has a smooth, sharp edge and a serrated edge, used for digging and cutting through roots.

Secateurs – a hand tool, typically used for cutting stems or branches. People still use a normal pair of kitchen scissors, which are fine for thin, soft stems or dead heading. Secateurs however are designed to cut cleanly through woody stems up to 2cm thick, causing less damage to plants.

Mattock – similar to a pick-axe, with a flattened cutter blade otherwise known as an adze. A mattock is useful for unearthing stubborn roots and stones or for digging trenches.

Strimmer – a strimmer or hedge shears are essential for keeping your edges in check. They can also ease the strain on your back and stop your arms from being scratched by thorns or branches.

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