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Making The Most Of Your Garden Space

Useful Information : Making The Most Of Your Garden Space

Gardens need a feature, a point of interest or a third dimension. Most gardens are flat so adding height can be the answer.

There has to be a point to what you introduce as a feature otherwise it will get lost or beg the question, WHY?

We all need somewhere to relax and enjoy the efforts of our toil in the garden. Somewhere that can be used in the spring and autumn too:

Summerhouses/Garden Chalets

A Summerhouse or Garden Chalet can compliment any garden. The octagonal or hexagonal summerhouse shapes can tuck neatly into a corner of even the smallest gardens and will provide you with a retreat to sit in and admire your garden in solitude or with friends as well as providing that third dimension. Choose a colour to co-ordinate and that extra living space is suddenly a most beautiful focal point of your garden and the envy of all your friends.

Go for plenty of windows and glazed doors to allow the light in and to make sure your summerhouse or chalet is a really airy retreat.

Ensuring that you buy a good quality building will mean that as well as it being a most beautiful focal point its functionality is increased. It will mean that the building can not just be used in the very short British summer but also in the spring, autumn and sometimes even the winter! Making sure that you can enjoy your garden all year round.

Offices and Studios

Usable living space in your garden is achieved according to your requirements. If you work or study at home or indeed have a hobby that requires that extra space, a separate building in your garden can be the answer (and isn't it nice to escape from the house into the garden). An Office or Studio in your garden can look stunning, it relieves any pressure of space in your household and the garden undoubtedly provides a more inspiring, quiet and relaxing environment in which to work, study or pursue your hobby.

Ensure your office is lined and insulated for year round use and a higher quality finish. Lots of light flooding in will keep you inspired and make for more pleasant working conditions.

Workshops and Sheds

It is both impressive and appealing, the picture of a person beavering away at the "end" of a garden, making or mending or just endeavouring. A high quality and well positioned workshop or shed provides a focal point and charm.

Your good old garden shed is an essential storage facility, but with the right colour choice, correct positioning and the necessary high quality construction and finish you introduce your point of interest and the finishing touch to your garden and outside area.

Turn your shed from a plain storage facility by increasing the size to your needs and adding a workbench and some shelving and all of a sudden you have some space outside of your house to potter or work. Adding lots of windows down one side of your building and a sturdy workbench would give you a "potting shed."


Adding value to your property through adding a garage into your outside space is most certainly making the most of your garden.

You can combine the obvious practicality of a garage with storage needs and even adding a workshop dimension too, simply by adding a partition. Ensuring your garage is built to the highest standard will add value, give interest and finish off your property.