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How to Make the Most of Your Garden Building During Lockdown

2020 inadvertently became the year that all of us spent more time at home. This was the year that changed the way we use our home spaces, adapting to allow the space for our hobbies, interests, and work lives to all take place in our homes.

The Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have changed people’s day-to-day lives, with gyms and restaurants shut down, and schools and workplaces closed and moved online. Staying at home is easier than what it would have been even 10 years ago with the advancement of technology; however, trying to work, study and exercise at home pose new problems, the biggest of which is whether you have enough space in your home. One way people are gaining extra space to help them cope with lockdown is by having a garden building installed.

If you have a garden building or are considering having one installed, we are here to show you how to make the most of your garden building during lockdown, with some useful and fun ideas on how you can use a separate space during these challenging times.

Office Space

2.4 x 3.0m Classic Office in Smoke

Due to the Coronavirus lockdowns, many people had to quickly set-up an office to work from home for the first time. During the first lockdown, many were working from their dining tables and spare bedrooms as a temporary option; however, many employers have now seen the benefits of allowing their employees to work from home and have made this a permanent feature of their jobs. With this in mind, we have seen an uprise in customers buying garden buildings to use as an outdoor office.

A Garden Office Interior complete with desk, computer and storage unit

Using a garden building as a garden office will allow you to have clear boundaries between your home life and work life. It will be beneficial to your mental health as you will no longer use a home living or relaxation space to work in as you will have your own dedicate office space in the garden. A back garden office will also allow you to leave the stresses of your job at the door, allowing your home to be the place you switch off and unwind after a busy day.  


A Classic Office being used as a homeschooling set-up

With the UK lockdown also forcing schools to close, another challenge faced by parents across the country is homeschooling their children. A garden building can be a great solution for creating a focused space for your child to study. It will be cleared of any distractions that a busy home can bring, while also providing an area that is quiet and peaceful so they can easily focus on virtual lessons and home-schooling tasks. Your child can leave everything that is associated with study and school in one room, making the home a schoolwork-free zone.

Hobby Room

A 2.4 x 3.0m Wiveton Summerhouse in Verdigris

Many are using the extended time at home to indulge in their hobby. Whether you like to paint, are into scrapbooking, or a keen birdwatcher, studies have shown that spending time on an activity you enjoy improves your mental health and wellbeing, which is important now more than ever.

An Example of an Art Room setup inside a Crane Garden Studio

A hobby room at the bottom of your garden will give you a dedicated space to while away the hours with your favourite past time. The best part about having a specialist garden hobby room is that you can leave out any equipment and materials required for you to practice your hobby and pick them up again at your convenience.

A Wildlife Watching Den inside one of our Summerhouses complete with sofa, notebooks and binoculars

You can even have your garden building design tailored to what your hobby is. For example, an artist who works on large canvases may want their art room to have an apex roof with lots of height, whereas a wildlife watcher will require a building with lots of glazing.

Home Gym

A gym setup inside our Burnham Studio

Keeping active and fit during this time is very important. As well as making you physically well, engaging in physical activity is also important for your brain. Exercising helps to release endorphins, boosting your mood, which is extremely beneficial during these stressful times.

You could use a garden building as a Yoga Studio

With the gyms shut, you may be trying to fit in a workout at home, but it can be difficult to find a big enough space without any furniture or other clutter getting in the way. Many people have combatted this by turning their garden building into a home gym. You can set up your outdoor gym for whatever kind of exercise you enjoy, whether that is weightlifting, cardio, or Yoga, or a combination of all your favourites. You can work out on your own, or you can join a virtual class and exercise alongside friends online.

Alfresco Dining Area

A dining table and chairs set up inside our Pavilion Garden Room

One of the activities we cannot enjoy currently is dining out. The restaurants may be closed, but who says you cannot recreate the dining experience at home? By turning your garden building into an alfresco dining area, you can make it seem like you are enjoying a meal out of the house with a change of venue, by eating somewhere other than the kitchen table. As well as providing a fun lockdown activity, it will also be refreshing to see a different space than the same four walls inside your home.

A man and a woman enjoying dinner and a glass of wine inside our Pavilion Garden Room

You can make a real occasion of it and ask your family to get all dressed up. You can take it in turns to cook a three-course meal and demonstrate your gourmet skills, or you can indulge in a takeaway so the only thing you will need to worry about is washing the dishes afterwards. 

A Relaxation Space

A Pavilion Garden Room

We all know that lockdown is stressful. It is tough going long periods of time without seeing friends and family, and it can be just as tough spending time with the same people without having a break. It can hard to find ways of relieving stress and getting some time to yourself in this situation, which is why having a garden building installed could be the perfect solution as it can be an escape from the house while also staying at home.

A cat enjoying a jigsaw puzzle inside our Langham Studio

You can use your garden building as a space to have five minutes of peace to do something you enjoy, like reading a book or completing a jigsaw puzzle. By allowing yourself to have that time alone in your garden building, you can recharge your batteries and get yourself ready to tackle the day or evening ahead.

Games Room

A Pool Table Inside Our Salthouse Studio

During the week, there is a distraction of having work or homeschooling to do, whereas when the weekend comes around, you are limited to what you can do inside your home. By setting up a games room in your garden, you can give yourself limitless possibilities.

A garden games room can be perfect for enjoying quality time with family as you can get the board games out to play together, or you can have a mini pool or darts tournament.

A selection of board games inside our Salthouse Studio

As well as bringing the family together, a games room in the garden can also provide an escape for both you and your children to use on your own. For example, you can set up devices such as an Xbox or a PlayStation so that your kids can enjoy a video game for a couple of hours, leaving you to relish in some quiet time alone in the home.

Extended Living Space

Our modern and contemporary Holt Studio

Having a garden building as an additional living space is ideal for this time as it will give you and your family room to spread out. You can let your children unwind with a film inside your garden building while you get on with chores in the house, or you can use it for doing things like compiling the weekly shopping list in the quiet.

A living area setup inside our Holt Studio

You could also use your garden building as your personal zoom room so that you can take your video calls away from the rest of the family. It will allow you to catch up with your extended family, friends, and work colleagues privately, without your children, other half or pets interrupting. A garden building will also provide a neutral background so that you do not have to showcase your home if you do not want to.

If this extended time at home has made you think about having a building installed in your garden to provide you with extra space, please do get in touch. You can discuss your needs with one of our friendly advisors, who will then be able to use their knowledge and expertise of our garden building to recommend the perfect one for you.

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