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DIY Heating and Lighting Solutions for your Autumn Garden

We passionately believe that you should be able to use and enjoy your garden all year round. A Summerhouse or Garden Studio and a warm blanket is the ideal place to relax in as the nights draw in. We’ve put together some useful ways you can keep the cold and the dark at bay so that you can enjoy the beautiful changing scenery of autumn.

Flowerpot heater

Flower Pot

You can use flower pots to make your own charming little outdoor heater. Here is what you'll need:

  • Scissors
  • Tinfoil
  • Large baking tray
  • Four bricks
  • Three pillar candles
  • Matches or a lighter
  • Oven gloves
  • One large and one small terracotta plant pot

Place two bricks stacked at either end of the baking tray and place candles in the space between. Light the candles and place the small terracotta pot, upside down, over the candles in a stable position. Next cut out a square of tin foil and place it over the draining hole of the small pot (this traps the heat within the smaller pot, preventing the heat from escaping directly up, through both drain holes). Finally, place the larger plant pot, upside down, over the top of the smaller pot, making sure to wear oven gloves at all times. There you have your very own plant pot heater, perfect for a chilling autumn evening in the garden.

Wash pail fire pit

Fire Pit

This DIY idea simply couldn’t be any easier, and you may just have the tools you need lying around the house already! To make a DIY fire pit, you’ll need:

  • Metal wash pail or bucket
  • Several bricks
  • Firewood
  • Lighter or matches

Place the bricks on the ground in a way that allows you to place your pail or bucket on top stably, then build a wall surrounding the wash pail or bucket with more bricks. Finally fill the bucket or pail with firewood in a tepee formation and light for the perfect homemade fire pit in under 20 minutes.

Bottle tiki torches

These homemade bottle tiki torches are mid-way between a heater and a light and will even help keep the biting bugs away. One thing is for sure, whatever their function they look amazing and will give any garden an incredible evening ambience. They’re also extremely easy to make and will help you recycle your old wine bottles. Our tip is to use basic cooking oil instead of fuel - it’s cheaper and much more environmentally friendly, plus you probably already have it in your cupboards. 

Neon glow stick bottles

Glow Stick Bottles

This is quite possibly our simplest DIY hack ever. To create neon bottle lights in a variety of colours, simply remove the labels from regular water bottles and fill with clean water followed by newly activated glow sticks. There you have it, it’s as simple as that!

XL hanging lights

Large Hanging Lights

If you already have some regular plain fairy lights leftover from summer, why not give them a revamp? You can turn them into large diffused lights using ping pong balls. You can even go further and paint the balls if you want a little more colour in your autumn garden, otherwise you can use coloured fairy lights. Overall this will create a softer, more diffused lighting effect. 

Once you have what you need drill a single hole into each ping pong ball which is the same diameter as the bulb and slot the bulb into the hole, securing with hot glue. Once you have done this for every bulb on your string of lights, they’re ready to hang up and cast a soft romantic autumn glow over your garden!

Tin can lantern

Tin can lanterns can offer your garden a touch of quaint elegance on a cosy autumn evening. To make your own, all you’ll need is some clean tins, paint in a colour of your choice, some tea lights with matches or a lighter and a drill (or just a sharp object). We’d also recommend some safety equipment like gloves and eye protectors when using sharp tools! Simply paint your clean tins, wait for them to dry and then pierce or drill into them in any pattern you like. Once you’re happy with the design, place the tea light inside and light for a cute personalised garden lamp. 

Solar-powered walkway

Solar Powered Walkway

This idea is probably one for the handymen and women out there, but looks absolutely stunning on an evening once it’s complete! Here is a reasonably easy step by step guide on how to make your own, alternatively if you love this garden lighting but aren’t so handy yourself, you could always gather the tools and hire a local electrician/handyman to do the hard part.

Rope light pathway

You may have seen this idea before as it has taken the internet by storm, and is so simple that anyone could do it! Simply buy a solar-powered rope light from your nearest hardware store and place it in whatever imaginative designs you can think of, to great effect, here are some of our favourite inspirations to spark your imagination.

Up-cycled glass bottle light

Glass Bottle Light

Why not try up-scaling all the glass bottles you have leftover after your garden party or BBQ? By simply slotting solar powered fairy lights through the neck of a nice wine or spirit bottle you have an instant unique lamp to decorate your garden with. Our tip is to source the most colourful or interestingly shaped bottles, to make this look even more eye-catching.

However, if you want to enjoy the view of your autumn garden without facing the colder weather and darker nights, perhaps consider investing in one of our Garden Rooms, which are insulated to allow all-year-round use.

Many of our buildings can be lined and insulated - this is just one of the many options you have available for your garden building. If you would like to discuss these options, or you have any questions, you can call us on 01760 444229.

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