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Chelsea Flower Show Plant List 2018

After many requests, here is our full plant list for each flower bed on our trade stand for this year's RHS Chelsea Flower Show

The numbers on the photo correlate to the planting lists below:

Chelsea Tradestand


Flower Bed 1
Bed 1: Front Middle Bed

Lavandula Fairy wings lilac – a new variety just released for sale at the Chelsea show

Tulbaghia Lilac Eyes – star shaped lilac flower in the chives family

Primula pulverulenta – the candelabra primrose

Syringa meyeri “Palibin” – low growing dwarfish lilac with pinky lilac flowers and lovely scent

Weigelia follis purpeurea – deep rich coloured dark leaved weigelia lower growing than most

Geranium Pink Pouffe – perennial groundcover geranium

Rogersia podophylla - large lush architectural leaves which will have white flowers in the summer

Paeonia Charlies White- nice double creamy white flowered peaonia

Hebe subalpina – as low growing evergreen's the hebes are good functional plants

Lonicera nitida “ Maigrun” – light coloured evergreen that responds well to clipping so can be kept at any height you want

Hosta “ Hydon Sunset”  – the lower growing bright yellow leafed hosta

Betula pendula – this is the graceful silver birch tree at the centre of the border

Flower Bed 2
Bed 2: Hot coloured bed to the left-hand side front of the stand

Houttuynia cordata flame – unusual mixed coloured foliage plant, good for damp places

Hakonechloa macra “Aureola”- magnificent elegant grass with attractive golden yellow variegated foliage

Euphorbia polychrome – yellow green flowers in May and June, good low cover

Abelia grandiflora Kaleidoscope – a good golden variegated evergreen happier in a sheltered spot in the sun

Santolina rosmarinifolia Lemon Fizz- a variation on the old favourite Santolina lovely feathery foliage and golden leaves

Geum Mai Tai – a new variety of Geum which has a neater habit and a softer flower colour

Choisya ternata gold fingers – a great functional golden leafed evergreen for a sunny spot

Phormium tenax Gold wave – architectural sword shaped variegated leaves

Carex oshimensis "Everillo” – lovely grass with evergreen yellow foliage

Nandina domestica “Obsessed Seika" – a new variety of the Nandina lower growing and compact

Escallonia “Gold Ellen” – nice golden leaved evergreen with pinky red flowers

Flower Bed 3
Bed 3: Reverse side of the bed to left of stand at the front

Scabious “Mariposa Blue” – the improved version of butterfly blue repeat flowers and does not get much mildew

Lavandula “Melissa Lilac”

Primula pulverulenta – the candelabra primrose

Hosta “ Aureomarginata” – lovely variegated leafed Hosta

Ficus “Panache”- fig plant with attractive foliage 

Choisya ternate - one of those indispensable functional evergreens to fill spaces, would need pruning if gets too big

Kolkwitzia anabilis pink cloud – a pretty flowered deciduous shrub, hardy and reliable

Dryopteris filix mas- the ferns add structural interest and an attractive leaf

Sedum red dragon – the dark leaved succulent looking plant under the iris

Iris germanica Sable – the wonderful dark rich blue velvety flowered iris, keep the rhizome exposed for the sun to ripen and give flowers

Iris germanica Kent pride – the rich mixed brown and ochre coloured iris, keep the rhizome exposed for the sun to ripen and give flowers

Flower Bed 4
Bed 4: In front of the Superior Shed

Rhododendron- wonderful flowered evergreens but do need acid soil

Euonymous fortune Emerald Gaiety- really tough and easy variegated evergreen

Hemerocallis “ Penny’s Worth “ – the day lilies yellow flowered but the leaves are soft like grass

Hebe “ Wiri Mist “ – low growing evergreen with lovely white flowers with hint of pink

Geranium sanguinium Max frei- low ground cover perennial geranium

Astilbe “ Brautschleier” – the foliage of Astilbes is great this is a white flowered does not like to be dry

Hosta “ Sum and Substance “- massive large leaved variety blue/green leaves

Hosta “ Sagae” – good variegated Hosta

Viburnum plicatum “ Lanarth” – the white lacey flower similar to a lace cap hydrangea

Acer palmatum Chitoseyama – ornamental Japanese maple having great foliage and good autumn colour

Aquilegia “ Blue Barlow” – double flowered old favourite bearing the common name Grannies Bonnets

Digitalis purpurea alba – the lovely white flowered foxgloves

Flower Bed 5
Bed 5: Rear Wall border

Epimedium perralchicum “ Frohnleiten” – superb shade loving garden plants, excellent for edging or ground-cover

Digitalis purpurea alba – the white foxglove good for height to the back of a border

Helleborus “ White Tutu” – good for brightening darker shady corners or borders

Luzula sylvatica starmaker- under the white viburnum, good functional foliage plant

Viburnum plicatum “ Lanarth” – stunning plant that forms layers of branches and flowers, similar in looks to a lace cap hydrangea

Flower Bed 6
Bed 6: Border from the left-hand side of the Pavilion Garden Room

Hebe Wiri Mist – just at the bottom of the picture, low evergreens with white flowers

Polemonium Brise D’Anjou- variegated Jacobs ladder with lovely clear blue flowers

Potentilla fructicosa limelight – a nice new variety of an old favourite Potentilla, hardy and reliable

Salvia Clotted Cream – a scented leaf Salvia with delicate pale yellow flowers

Ficus Ice Crystal- another fig with a lovely leaf, place in full sun to ripen the fruit

Polemonium Heavenly scent – another type of Jacobs ladder, forms a good bushy perennial border plant

Digitalis “Silver Fox” – a new variety of foxglove dwarf variety with soft downy silver leaves

Ferns Dryopteris Affinis – soft ferns

Flower Bed 7
Bed 7: left corner of the Garden Room

Lavandula stoechas “Celebration” – a nice French lavender with white flowers with blue ears

Dryopteris filix mas – soft foliage, a foil to other plants

Salvia “ Snow Cushion” – white perennial Salvia in the sage family with fragrant leaves

Hosta Hydon sunset – good low growing Hosta with lovely yellow green foliage

Scilla “Caribbean Jewels" - looking a bit like an Allium or some people thought an Agapanthus the lovely low blue flower sits amongst the Hostas. Buy as a bulb in autumn or as a plant in the spring.

Iris “baby Blue" – low growing iris with electric blue flowers

Flower Bed 8
Bed 8: Left-hand border in front of the Pavilion Garden Room

Dryopteris affinis – delicate leaved fern

Geranium macrorrhizum “ Spessart” – a tough old favourite ground-cover geranium

Lavandula “Heavenly Scent” – one of the old favourites, an English lavender

Aquilegia origami “Blues and Whites”- a nice hybrid of the old grannies bonnets, let some go to seed so you have new baby plants replacing the older plants

Acer palmatum Chitoseyama – one of the lovely Japanese maples in the back left of the image

Flower Bed 9
Bed 9: Right-hand border in front of the Pavilion Garden Room

Abelia “Sparkling Silver“ – this variegated evergreen is lowish growing and good for a sunnier spot

Veronica “Inspire Blue” – low perennial with attractive blue flowers

Alliums “Pinball Wizard” – always striking, one of the best, either plant as bulbs in the autumn or as living plants in spring

Lavandula Fairy Wings pink – new variety of French lavender just released at the show

Rogersia podophylla – large striking leaves, white flowers will come out in summer

Silene “Rollys Favourite” – a nice variety of the Campions planted here under the Alliums

Hemerocallis Hornby castle – day lily behind the Alliums

Digitalis purpurea – in the background we have the Foxgloves 

Flower Bed 10
Bed 10: Border in front of the large Crane sign

Hebe “Wiri Mist” – good low growing evergreen with attractive white flowers

Armeria maritima Abbey Deep Rose- the sea thrift looks like chives but is an alpine good for sunny dry spots

Primula pulverulenta – the candelabra primroses stunning layers of flowers good with some moisture in the soil 

Flower Bed 11
Bed 11: Far right-hand border

Hosta aureaomarginata- nice variegated Hosta, good for placing in shady damp corners

Euphorbia “tazmanian white “ – new variety of variegated Euphorbia, stunning

Lavandula “Blue Star” – nice French lavender with rich deep coloured flowers, lower lavender to front

Lavandula Stoechas Flaming Purple- traditional French lavender, the taller one to the back of border

Hemerocallis “Penny’s Worth” – one of the dwarf day lilies, attractive, compact, habit with yellow flowers

Polygonum biflforum- Solomons Seal architectural shaped arching stems with hanging white flowers

Primula sieboldiana alba – white flowered perennial primula

Digitalis purpurea – the foxgloves

Nepeta “ Walkers Low” – one of the Catmints, good reliable perennial

If you do have any questions about the plants please feel free to call us and ask for Peter Mortin.

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