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5 Ways You Can Use a Summerhouse from Autumn Through to Spring

To most people, a summerhouse is somewhere they can relax and enjoy their garden from during the warmer months of the year. They may be called summerhouse in name, but who said that they are made purely for summer use? In this article, we are going to give you some inspiration of 5 ways you can use a summerhouse from autumn through to spring.

A summerhouse used as a garden office

A Garden Office
Many of our customers use our Summerhouses as year-round use garden offices, for a work from home area that looks attractive on the outside and is practical on the inside. This way they have a remote working space that is away from the house, allowing them to customise it to the needs of their job, while also giving them something to admire in their garden if it can be seen from their house. 

Holkham Summerhouse
Holkham Summerhouse

As well as adding full internal lining and insulation, we can also add electrics and a heater to our Summerhouses, ensuring that they are practical as well as comfortable for year-round use.

A social space inside one of our Summerhouses

A Social Space
During the summer, you may have hosted friends and family in the garden, but as the weather changes, you will find it is too cold for outside gatherings and you may be limited on seating in your house to host everyone inside. If you use a summerhouse as a social space, you will have somewhere to unwind and catch up without imposing on your home. If you have it lined and insulated, like in the Holkham Summerhouse above, you will have somewhere that will stay warm and dry even when the weather outside is not.

Morston Summerhouse
Morston Summerhouse

A summerhouse with a veranda, like our Morston Summerhouse, would be ideal for those in-between hot and cold days in Autumn and sunny days in Spring. You can relax under the shaded veranda and enjoy the rare moments of sunshine while admiring the views of your garden changing with the seasons.

A Wildlife Watching Den inside one of our Summerhouses

Wildlife Watching Den
Another great use of a summerhouse is to use it to watch wildlife from, even during the cooler months. In Autumn, you will be able to spot birds that are starting to migrate south for the winter, while also savouring the last moments of your garden in bloom. Spring is when you will be able to enjoy your garden beginning to blossom again, as well as getting a chance to see wildlife emerging from hibernation.

Wiveton Summerhouse
Wiveton Summerhouse

A summerhouse like our Wiveton Summerhouse would be ideal for this. It is designed in an octagonal shape with windows in four out of the eight sides, as well as the double doors, meaning you can enjoy your garden from multiple angles.

A cosy reading nook inside our Cley Summerhouse

Cosy Reading Nook
There is no better feeling than being immersed in a good book, so why not use your summerhouse as a cosy reading nook. Just picture the scene: the weather is cold and rainy outside, and you are curled up inside one of our Cley Summerhouse on a chair, with a blanket, a book, and a warm mug of tea - sounds blissful doesn’t it? 

Cley Summerhouse
Cley Summerhouse

To turn your summerhouse into your very own outdoor library, you can install shelves on the wall to house some of your favourite reads or have a bookcase inside to store your complete collection.

A dining room inside one of our Summerhouses

Dining Room
A dining room is a great use for a summerhouse from autumn through to spring. Just by adding a table and chairs inside, you will have a ready-to-host space, where you can enjoy light lunches with friends and Sunday dinners with family. 

Weybourne Summerhouse
Weybourne Summerhouse

You could even use your summerhouse in the depths of winter and have your nearest and dearest over for Christmas dinner. You can instantly make it look merrier by putting up a tree in the corner, dotting yuletide trinkets around the room, and adding a festive-themed cloth to the table.

Our Wiveton, Weybourne and Cley Summerhouses come with the walls and ceiling lined and insulated, making them year-round use buildings as standard. If you prefer the design of our unlined Blakeney, Morston and Holkham Summerhouses, these can also be made into a lined summerhouse to give year-round use. You can opt to line and insulate it yourself after installation, or we can do this when we assemble your building if you choose to add it onto your order as extra.

Blakeney Summerhouse
Blakeney Summerhouse

Customising your building to your requirements is not just limited to making it a year-round use building with insulation, double glazing, and electrics, you can customise the exterior too. We offer a choice of different roof coverings, paint systems, window types and cladding option in order to make the building you have been dreaming of.

If you are looking for a year-round use building but would like some different designs to consider, we also offer Studios and Garden Rooms that come fully lined, insulated, and double glazed as standard. We love bringing our customers’ garden building dreams to life, so if you would like to discuss your project with us or have any questions, please get in touch. Our friendly advisors will be more than happy to help and use their knowledge and expertise to offer advice and guidance on what would be the best building for you. Please give us a call on 01760 444229 or email

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