Painted Sheds

Useful Information : Painted Sheds

The paint choice you decide on will make all the difference to your building and setting.

Your building will initially be treated with a timber preservative, protecting against fungi and woodworm, this will colour the building very lightly in a light oak shade.

After that you can choose between our 2 colour systems as set out below.

With regard to colour, choose one that suits the style of your garden and is in sympathy with the plants and foliage. Choose soft shades that are easy to live with, natural, neutral tones particularly if you have a building in a smaller sized garden OR alternatively go crazy and choose a really vibrant colour that will make a bold statement such as fire engine red, bright yellow or royal blue which would possibly suit a more urban setting and look great in a dry, alpine environment. Bright and bold colours would also compliment coastal or Mediterranean gardens particularly those that offer large amounts of light.

Our 2 paint systems are:


Sikkens provides a more translucent finish; it allows the grain to be seen whilst providing colour and probably more importantly long lasting protection and a decreased re-decoration cycle. Sikkens was proven to be the best translucent wood stain in trials carried out by TRADA (The Timber Research and Development Association).

Choose from Rosewood, Olive Green, Mahogany, Teak, Walnut and Black.


The Valtti paint system has been proven to give the best possible protection for exterior timber buildings. This fully opaque Scandinavian coating system will enhance any building, giving an extremely durable, low maintenance solid colour finish. A greatly reduced re-decoration cycle, the quality of the finish and the beauty of the colours involved is well worth the extra cost involved.

The range that we offer are similar in shades to the Farrow & Ball range or the National Trust range of colours, they are inspired by those soft neutral tones of traditional colonial buildings and nature. However we are able to offer any colour that you may like.

Choose from Ivory, Cream, Sandstone, Twine, Pebble, Saltwater, Sage, Verdigris, Sundrenched Blue, Lichen, Slate, Peony.